PlayHQ WordPress Widgets

Are you a Community Sports League or Community Sports Club in Australia or New Zealand currently with a WordPress website and looking to integrate PlayHQ fixtures, results & ladders? Keep on reading…

PlayHQ has now replaced GameDay for most Australian football (AFL) leagues; replaced MyCricket for all cricket leagues; and is also used for basketball, hockey and netball.

The external-facing user interface on PlayHQ is streamlined, efficient, and somewhat simple. The jury is out whether it’s better or worse than the previous offering. There have been mixed results since its launch and many opinions out there! One thing we know, is the product is still young and will no doubt improve over time.

Disappointingly, PlayHQ has developed widgets exclusively for only one Content Management System (CMS) – WIX, which has a market share of only 2.5% of all websites on the Internet. Additionally, the widgets are only available to WIX Premium customers. PlayHQ has confirmed they will not be developing widgets for other CMS platforms, including the world’s most used CMS – WordPress, which dominates the market share at 43.2% of all websites on the Internet (and 60% of the CMS market).

PlayHQ does offer API access to data, however the technical knowledge required for this is well beyond most sporting organisations, while development can be expensive, putting it out of reach for most community sports clubs.

We’re hopeful that PlayHQ widgets for WordPress will one day be available, allowing leagues and clubs to display fixtures, results, ladders and player stats on their own website, meaning clubs can promote their own sponsors, news and upcoming events, rather than sending traffic to an external website or App.

If the demand is there, these widgets can potentially be developed and offered to community sports organisations at an affordable price.

If your league or club wishes to express interest in PlayHQ widgets for WordPress, please complete the form by clicking on the button below.